Rural Housing Incentive District


Program overview

The City of Emporia would like to see this area developed into single family residential housing to fill a gap in the current housing market. The city has designated RHID and has been highly supportive of builders, sub dividers, and developers due to existing housing market demands and shortages.

RHID Details

This program was developed to encourage housing projects in areas with both current and projected housing shortages. The Rural Housing Incentive Districts (RHID) is designed to aid developers in building housing within communities by assisting in the financing of public improvements. Through the RHID program and appropriate approvals, incentives are available to help you meet the housing needs of the Emporia community. Those incentives capture 100% of the incremental real property taxes for a period of 25 years or until all eligible development costs are reimbursed. Incentives may help with:

  • Site Preparation
  • Sanitary and storm sewers and lift stations
  • Drainage conduits, channels and levees
  • Street grading, paving, curbs and gutters
  • Street lighting
  • Underground public and limited private utilities
  • Sidewalks
  • Water mains and extensions


NOTE: RHID may not be utilized for buildings or structures to be owned or leased by any developer. Please contact the City of Emporia for additional details. 

Nearby Housing Developments

This property is located immediately north of Deerbrook residential development. Average home price in Deerbrook is currently $220,000 to $250,000 with average lot size of 10,000 square foot; so, this property could easily be developed into upper end single family homes and blend well into this attractive and desirable area in northwest Emporia. In fact, Deerbrook was developed in two phases and this land was intended to be the third phase of Deerbrook.  Based upon the nearest subdivisions, you can develop this property to replicate those successes for strong return on investment.


RHID from City of Emporia

This PDF was prepared by the City of Emporia included details information regarding:

  • RHID Basics
  • RHID Redevelopment Districts
  • How RHID works
  • Redevelopment Plan and Project Plan
  • Funding Methods
  • Permitted Uses of Tax Proceeds.
  • The "Base" and the "Increment"
  • Effects of taxing districts
  • District Formation Procedures

Possibilities are endless:

Build to suit your development needs and maximize your return on investment.

Located in the thriving city of Emporia Kansas and has been designated as Rural Housing Incentive District (RHID).

Convenient location near quality schools, dining, churches, and retail shopping with access to all modern utilities including sewage, water mains, electricity, etc.

Learn more about this great investment opportunity!

Property Description


12 acres of development land in northwest Emporia Kansas. Land is currently zoned as residential and has access to modern utilities. Options include single family housing or possibly light commercial (with approved zone change). Deed restriction does not allow apartments, duplexes, or townhouses. 

Video Tour and Highlights


Great location: Located within one mile of Kansas Turnpike and I-35 on-ramps. Access is across the street from Emporia Middle School and within blocks of Emporia High School, Timmerman Elementary School, and Flint Hills Technical College. Restaurants, shops, and Wal-mart are also located nearby. 

Agent Notes


Agent notes: Pristine 12 acre tract is located in the much sought after NW location in Emporia KS. It is located only blocks from an elementary school, middle school, high school, and technical college. This tract is located next to Deerbrook and adjacent to West Ridge residential addition, both of which were very successful residential developments. Property could be developed for upper end single family homes and blend well into this attractive neighborhood. 

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